Code / City

Manu Luksch 2017

Code / City is an app-augmented video installation about the nexus of Big Data, Smart Cities and the cognitive Internet of Things concepts that drive urban development. Shot in the United Arab Emirates, which is investing heavily in smart technologies, the installation presents the cognitive city as a narrative partner in our collective life with its own beliefs, judgements and preferences.

An Open Data Institute / Digital Catapult commission

Credits: Video installation Manu Luksch. Immersive video/vfx developer Jack Wolf. Programming Federico Foderaro. Sound Mukul. Produced by denkbar and Manu Luksch © 2017


Double-screen high definition video, app. Duration 8 minutes


Hybrid Landscapes
April 2017 – November 2019 at Digital Catapult, London

Data Types

Commercial, Identifiable, Metadata, Object, Open, Retrieved, Shared, State

About the Artist

Through her films and art works, Manu researches the effects of emerging technologies on daily life, social relations, urban space, and political structures. Her current focus is on corporate-governmental relationships and the social effects of predictive…
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