Data as Culture


Data as Culture functions with the following aims and activities:

  • To challenge the role of big tech by offering alternative conversations for people to understand data, and the role data plays in their lives, better.
  • To bring diverse presence and voices into data institutions and wider data contexts.
  • To generate questions about data ecosystems.
  • To value creativity through collaboration, exploration, and technological innovation to generate conversation, and provoke critical thinking, around the data landscape.
  • To recognise data literacy as a form of science capital / cultural capital.

Together these activities raise critical questions which allow people to consider what makes a good balance between encouraging and restricting how data is collected and used, an idea embedded in the Open Data Institute’s Theory of Change.

We provide the following services:

  • Commissioning and producing artworks
  • Curating exhibitions with partners
  • Developing participatory research and design processes
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing collaborations

Whether you’re a commercial organisation wishing to commission data art, or in academia or the public sector looking to engage communities with data and technology, we can work with you to think about the next data decade and how it will impact your mission. Contact Hannah Redler-Hawes and the Data as Culture team to begin the discussion.