Decorative Newsfeed

Thomson & Craighead 2004

Live news headlines from around the world are transformed into algorithmically drawn animated lines that rotate and swirl around each other, generating unique pathways across the screen. As different headlines travel across each other, original meanings and implications are transformed. The work raises questions about the mutability of information and how its mediation informs its meaning as much as its content.


Digital animation from online sources, dimensions variable


Data Anthropologies: Thomson & Craighead
25 March - 20 June 2015 at the Open Data Institute

Data Types

Commercial, Live, Open, Real-time, Retrieved, Shared, Social, State, Temporal

About the Artist

Pioneering media artists Jon Thomson (b.1969) & Alison Craighead (b.1971) make work informed by long-term, gently critical, explorations of the structures and social constructs of the Internet and the spaces of social media. They work across…
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Decorative Newsfeed, Thomson & Craighead, 2004