Data as Culture

On Now

We currently have two exhibitions in progress, both of which feature new online commissions.

Rules of Engagement


By seeing people as more than just data points, Rules of Engagement asks those with power to reimagine how we engage with data, advocating for an ethical data future for everyone. Rules of Engagement presents the work of three artists, A. M. Darke, Everest Pipkin and Nick Briz, whose collective works make a case for ethical practices when working with data.

Read more and experience the online artworks.

Copy That?


New for 2020, three works from Copy That? Surplus Data in an Age of Repetitive Duplication have been expanded and bought online. As COVID-19 resulted in early curtailment of the physical exhibition, we worked with the artists Alistair Gentry, Ben Neal, Edie, Jo Murray, Harmeet Chagger-Kahn, and Mr Gee to develop the works for online presentation including live one-to-one experiences, online gaming and interactive online ‘installation’.

Read more and experience the online artworks.