DoxBox trustbox

Alistair Gentry

Data is telling tales about us. Can we trust these stories?

DoxBox trustbot is a hot pink puppet-robot-hybrid created by artist Alistair Gentry to test how much trust we place in online apps and services. DoxBox trustbot likes to chat. It wants to find out how free or cautious we are with data about us, drawing our attention to the many data versions of ourselves that might be created online. DoxBox wants to know if we know who has access to data about us? DoxBox questions if it is worth disregarding online security and data rights, in order to easily access the services we enjoy online. By matching our lives against similar real-life stories, DoxBox shows us what assumptions databases and artificial intelligence (AI) systems might build about us and broadcast to others. DoxBox seeks to empower us to question the hard evidence that data can appear to provide. As our encounter with DoxBox trustbot concludes it rewards us with KAWAII ‘Trust Credits’ which may be exchanged for various desirable prizes.

Alistair Gentry says “What surprised me about my research at the ODI was that the data we volunteer is just the beginning. There are vast quantities of extremely valuable data generated around all of our online activities without us knowing it and then yet another layer of data that is inferred from it. My research led me to want to satirise how we have become a ‘product’ to the companies that create the apps as the most valuable thing about us has become our data.”

Where to see DoxBox trustbot

  • January 2020 ODI, London (date to be confirmed). Please register interest here.
  • May 2020 Leeds International Festival (date to be confirmed) as part of the Furtherfield Future Fairness event. Please register interest here.

Further performance and tour dates will be updated as they are confirmed.

Booking a DoxBox trustbot performance

DoxBox trustbot is available for private performances and events. Artist fees may apply. Trust us, you’re worth it. Please contact

DoxBox trustbot 2019 is the result of a nine-month residency at the ODI in 2018 and 2019 as part of the ODI Innovation Programme, funded by Innovate UK. Curatorial team: Julie Freeman and Hannah Redler Hawes.

Photos by by Andrea Capello for the ODI.

Data Types

Anonymised, Commercial, Identifiable, Personal, Social, State, Unknown

About the Artist

Alistair Gentry is a writer and artist or an artist and writer… sometimes other things, too. He lives in the UK, currently in London. His work for publication, performance, broadcast and installation is often “subversive” (SFX),…
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