50.080697, -5.694138

Evan Roth 2015

50.080697, -5.694138 is part of a series that documents traces of the physical infrastructure supporting the Internet on the Cornish coastline. It reminds us of the fundamental interdependence between the physical and virtual worlds and the folly of considering networked space as immaterial, or irrelevant to the material world.

Courtesy Carroll / Fletcher, London.


Laser-etched Lambda print on acrylic 93 x 70 cm


Hybrid Landscapes
April 2017 – November 2019 at Digital Catapult, London

Data Types

Environmental, Geospatial, Identifiable, Open

About the Artist

Evan Roth (b. 1978, Michigan, USA) is an American artist based in Europe whose practice visualises and archives culture through unintended uses of technologies. Comprising prints, sculptures, videos and websites, his work explores the relationship between…
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