Alex McLean


Alex has been active across the digital arts since the year 2000, co-founding the TOPLAP live coding and Algorave movements, and collaborating widely on hundreds of performances and events around the world. He is a researcher, completing his PhD thesis “Artist-Programmers and Programming Languages for the Arts” in 2011, at Goldsmiths, University of London. During his time at Goldsmiths he initiated the free/open source live coding language TidalCycles, connecting code and music to create a rich approach to pattern making. He makes all his music with TidalCycles, releasing solo music as Yaxu on the Computer Club label.

Based in Sheffield Alex is employed as a researcher by the Deutsches Museum research institute in Munich, where he uses live coding techniques to explore the ancient thought processes of textile weavers, as part of the five-year European project PENELOPE. In Sheffield, he curates AlgoMech – the annual Festival of Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement, bringing together code and machines in the performing arts. He is also on the board of trustees of Access Space in Sheffield, a charity developing arts, education and technology since the year 2000.

Alex was sound artist in residence at the Open Data Institute in London during 2016.


Thinking Out Loud
July 2016 - March 2017 at the Open Data Institute

Alex McLean by Vitalija Glovackyte