At First Sight

Natasha Caruana 2014

In 2014 Natasha Caruana fell in love at first sight. Using photography, scientific experiments and educational diagrams, she has created a new work that builds a conversation between the science of ‘coup de foudre’ (love at first sight) and people’s own experiences. The project draws from popular myths and research by neuroscientists biologists and anthropologists. It brings together her multiple strands of research and data through photographic portraits of individuals or couples who have fallen ‘at first sight’; scientific diagrams of the heart and circulation systems; and photographs of locations used for scientific love experiments or re-enactments of real experiments originally set up and described by psychologists.


Lambda photographs, tracing paper graphs, vinyl drawing and concrete


Data Anthropologies: Natasha Caruana Love is an Act
17 July - 16 December 2015 at the Open Data Institute

Data Types

Anecdata, Identifiable, Personal, Shared, Social

About the Artist

Natasha Caruana (b.1983) is a photographic artist whose work is characterised by bold and inventive uses of performative strategies, sharply tuned interpersonal skills and scientific processes. She is concerned with narratives of love, betrayal and fantasy,…
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At First Sight, Natasha Caruana, 2008