Copy Bomb

Antonio Roberts 2015

Roberts’ colourful glitchy sculpture, Copy Bomb, is a form of ‘PirateBox’ – an open, unregulated network – through which visitors may access and use open archives from a selection of organisations the artist has worked with, alongside digital collections of his own work. The piece raises questions about how open we can be within regulated online environments, and emphasises the unexpected outcomes that may come of people freely sharing and accessing data.


Offline interactive networked sculpture. PirateBox, offline network, MDF, paint


Thinking Out Loud
July 2016 - March 2017 at the Open Data Institute

Data Types

Anonymised, Metadata, Open, Personal, Retrieved, Shared, Static, Unknown

About the Artist

Antonio Roberts is an artist and curator based in Birmingham, UK, working primarily with video, code, and sound. He is critically engaged with the themes surrounding network culture and in his practice explores how technology continues…
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