Daemons of the Shadow World

Giles Lane 2018

Concept proposal

Fancy a bit of ‘digital dazzle’? How might you like to hide your data shadow in an ‘ocean of noise’? Giles Lane is interested in creating a conceptual prototype for a software-based bot or ‘daemon’ with a very specific purpose. The daemon will generate synthetic data and interference to mask the data about us that we may not want to share. His aim is to create something experiential and poetic. He isn’t yet clear what form it will take. To find out more please read through or take a leaflet.

Originally developed by Giles Lane with support from the Open Data Institute for the “Data as Culture” research theme, Copy That?

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If you would like to become a commissioning partner for Daemons of the Shadow World contact dac@theodi.org


14 page A6 black and white paper booklet


Copy That? Surplus Data in an Age of Repetitive Duplication
2020 online and at the Open Data Institute

About the Artist

Giles Lane is an artist and designer with expertise in research, strategy, analysis, problem-solving, innovation, engagement, facilitating collaboration & project management. My practice is based on creative vision, collaboration, research and design which often leads to…
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