The Doffing Mistress Takes a Stroll

David Littler 2016

‘The Doffing Mistress Takes A Stroll’ is a folk song, from the Irish linen industry. The lyrics would change according to who the Doffing Mistress was in a particular factory. In Littler’s installation a collection of looping paper strips sit alongside a tiny mechanical piano player, each holding the tune to the traditional song. Visitors are invited to continue the tune, contributing to a new and unexpected composition by adding their own marks, such as patterns, words, drawings or musical notes to the paper score. Once completed, each paper score will be recorded. At regular intervals throughout the project, people will be able listen to each of the scores at David’s website: David will create new improvised pieces of music using the scores and live sampling techniques.


Participatory installation. Piano player, paper scores, materials for contribution


Thinking Out Loud
July 2016 - March 2017 at the Open Data Institute

About the Artist

David Littler is a sonic visual artist, curator, educator and DJ currently based in Ardnamurchan, Scotland. He has had a life-long passion for print, textiles, sound and music as vital forms of human expression and communication:…
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