Hybrid Landscapes

April 2017 – November 2019

Exhibition at Digital Catapult, London
Curated by Hannah Redler-Hawes

Hybrid Landscapes is an exhibition of recent work by eleven pioneering artists whose projects use, respond to and subvert digital technologies in surprising and unexpected ways. As lived experience plays out simultaneously across natural, built and networked worlds, new perceptions and perspectives are created. The eleven artists presented here work in a range of artistic mediums – from photography and sculpture to software and code – and each has their own area of research. They are unified by an approach that offers new ways to imagine, inhabit and locate people within emerging hybrid terrains. Together their works consider some of the key social and cultural questions we might ask ourselves about emerging digital cultures, products and applications, offering complementary and alternative views.

Hannah Redler-Hawes (Director of Data as Culture art programme at The ODI)

A message from our Partner

As part of our commitment to accelerating innovation and encouraging the development of new perspectives and new markets, we are delighted to continue  our work within the visual artists, in collaboration with the Open Data Institute (ODI).

Digital culture is integral to digital business. It is about an approach to the application of technology – not just the tech itself. Digital culture is about iteration – being open to disruption and learning fast from failures. It accepts that innovation may come from unexpected quarters, and that working with artists helps open business minds to creative possibilities.

The arts are fundamental in asking new questions, driving a balanced, more immersive and engaged society for everyone. Welcoming artists into Digital Catapult alongside our other industry and academic partners will create a richer working environment and organisational culture. We hope you are inspired by new ideas and opportunities, new networks and collaborations, and that you will find it enjoyable and stimulating too.

Dr Jeremy Silver (CEO, Digital Catapult – stimulating business, social and cultural environments)

Produced and curated by Data as Culture at the Open Data Institute (ODI) in partnership with Digital Catapult, London. Created with the generous support of Innovate UK.

Artworks from Hybrid Landscapes are featured on the Smartify app

Participating Artists

Katriona Beales, Daniel Brown, Lewis Bush, Field, Felicity Hammond, Manu Luksch, Antonio Roberts, Evan Roth, Thomson & Craighead, Suzanne Treister, Richard Wright


Hannah Redler-Hawes


Adrian Philpott / Philpott Design

Special thanks to:

Jeremy Silver, Jill Greenshields, David Sparks, David Biglin, Nicole Stewart-Rushworth and Hayley Brace at Digital Catapult; Jeni Tennison, Louise Burke, Mandy Costello, Julie Freeman, George Flatters and Amanda Smith at the ODI; and Pete Johnson, Gavin Starks, Carroll / Fletcher Gallery, Annely Juda Fine Art, Elizabeth Manchester and the exhibiting artists.

All loans are courtesy the artists unless otherwise stated.

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