It’s your move

Mr Gee 2020

Words: Mr Gee
Film: Mann Bros
Graphics: Philpott Design

Mr Gee’s poems reflect on how histories of human-machine relationship can offer us a way through the data complexities of our time. It’s your move builds a modern-day narrative around the infamous 1997 chess game between world chess champion Gary Kasparov and IBM supercomputer, ‘Deep Blue’. Mr Gee invokes the pivotal moment when artificial intelligence challenged human intelligence to encourage us all to talk – to work together to address the key questions concerning our data futures.

Commissioned by the ODI Data as Culture for ODI Summit 2020


Poem performed on film, 3 minutes, 25 second

Data Types

Open, Personal, Social, State

About the Artist

Mr Gee (UK) is a veteran of the UK’s spoken word scene and a BBC radio presenter. Gee champions promoting unheard voices in society, in part through his extensive rehabilitation work in prisons. He has delivered…
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