Listening to Shetland Wool

Felicity Ford 2013

Felicity Ford works with sound and wool. She believes that discrete sonic textures are as important to a sense of place as a location’s flora and fauna. Listening to Shetland Wool connects our experience of Shetland wool with the landscapes and cultures it originates from, through an online sound map and a hand-knitted woollen speaker pillow. Lambs and sheep call out, birds sing and caw, and weavers, ‘linkers’, wool-sorters and other wool workers talk about their work – all alongside sounds of industry and many different varieties of Shetland wind. The piece calls for a deeper consideration of the labour, communities and environments that produce our everyday materials.


Interactive online aporee sound map


Thinking Out Loud
July 2016 - March 2017 at the Open Data Institute

Data Types

Anecdata, Biological, Causal, Environmental, Geospatial, Identifiable

About the Artist

In her artistic practice Felicity Ford AKA Felix works with digital recordings of everyday sounds. In some projects these sounds are combined with hand-knitting. Felix began merging knitting with sounds while studying for an MA in…
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Listening to Shetland Wool by Felicity Ford