London Wall EC2

Thomson & Craighead 2012

London Wall EC2 displays a selection of tweets during February and March, 2015, captured from within the densely populated area surrounding the ODI in Shoreditch. Reflecting individual tweets as woodblock-style printed matter, where keywords are given unequal weight, the artists slow down the process of social media exchange, arresting rather than amplifying activity. The piece documents the way we broadcast ourselves online.


Fly posters, dimensions variable


Data Anthropologies: Thomson & Craighead
25 March - 20 June 2015 at the Open Data Institute

Data Types

Anecdata, Geospatial, Identifiable, Personal, Retrieved, Shared, Social, Temporal

About the Artist

Pioneering media artists Jon Thomson (b.1969) & Alison Craighead (b.1971) make work informed by long-term, gently critical, explorations of the structures and social constructs of the Internet and the spaces of social media. They work across…
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London Wall EC2, Thomson & Craighead, 2012