Shadows of the State

Lewis Bush 2017

Lewis Bush used found online data and adapted intelligence agency methodologies to identify a series of possible sites transmitting numbers stations. These are shortwave radio broadcasts of coded messages believed to be intended for undercover agents. The installation occupies a place where paranoia and conspiracy collide constantly with objective fact.

Installation commissioned by Open Data Institute / Digital Catapult.

The work is available as a book. Published 2018 by Brave Books, designed by Tom Mrazauskas. Hard cover, case bound, 30 x 22cm, 192 pages on uncoated paper.


Inkjet photographs, book maquette and audio recordings. Dimensions variable


Hybrid Landscapes
April 2017 – November 2019 at Digital Catapult, London

Data Types

Anonymised, Geospatial, Object, Retrieved, State, Temporal

About the Artist

Lewis Bush works across media and platforms to visualise forms of contemporary power. After studying history and working in international development he began developing his own projects in 2012. His work has explored issues ranging from…
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