The First Person

Thomson & Craighead 2014

A looped video of a burning house is interspersed with endless random statements drawn from American self-help websites that call for like-minded people to share their experiences. Their need for clarity and a sense of wholeness is mirrored by uncertainty and a constant state of incomplete being.


Generative video, dimensions variable


Data Anthropologies: Thomson & Craighead
25 March - 20 June 2015 at the Open Data Institute

Data Types

Anecdata, Retrieved, Shared, Social, Static

About the Artist

Pioneering media artists Jon Thomson (b.1969) & Alison Craighead (b.1971) make work informed by long-term, gently critical, explorations of the structures and social constructs of the Internet and the spaces of social media. They work across…
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The First Person, Thomson & Craighead, 2014