Copy That?

Surplus Data in an Age of Repetitive Duplication

Feb 2020 – Dec 2020

Curated by Hannah Redler Hawes, Julie Freeman and Anna Scott

Copy That? ODI Data as Culture research and partnership season for 2019–2020. It encompasses an exhibition at the ODI and separate but interconnected installations, performances and events at our HQ and elsewhere.

Copy That? asks: how ‘true’ is the data ‘you’ and how many versions exist online? From the myth of the perfect digital copy to the benefits and pitfalls of simulation, we question the purpose and trustworthiness of incessantly reproduced data. What gets lost or gained in translation? How important are corruption or interference to creating and revealing ‘true’ copies? Moreover, as the internet creaks under the volumes of data being copied and shared, servers heat up, fuelling growing concerns about our climate. What number and kind of copies should a healthy internet be able to sustain?

We are open to discuss collaborations with other potential partners. You can get in touch here.

Participating artists with completed projects

Harmeet Chagger-Khan, Mr Gee, Alistair Gentry, Edie Jo Murray, Ben Neal

Participating artists with projects under development

Boredom Research, Anna Ridler, Antonio Roberts and Alan Warburton

Watch this space for newly completed projects.

Curatorial team

Hannah Redler Hawes, Julie Freeman and Anna Scott


Adrian Philpott, Philpott Design

We are grateful to the funders and partners acknowledged alongside each work, who have made these pieces possible.

We are also grateful to the following artists and cultural practitioners for their previous and ongoing contributions to the theme:

Ruth Catlow and Charlotte Frost (Furtherfield), Jonah Brucker Cohen, Scott Delahunta (Coventry University), Free Ice Cream, Bruce Gilchrist, Wesley Goatley, Natalie Kane, Giles Lane, Stefanie Posavec, Special Branch, Claire Selby and Catrina Ure.

Project links

Birmingham Open Media (BOM)
University of Southampton Data Stories project
Furtherfield Citizen Sci-Fi Programme 2019 – 2021

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