Your fingerprints on the artworks are the artwork itself

Paolo Cirio 2014

Paolo was invited to conceptualise and develop an online catalogue that would be informative while questioning the cyclical nature of metadata. Continually generating material, the catalogue harvests and repurposes visitors ‘browser fingerprint’ data to create new representations of the exhibited works. Unlike a traditional archive, the catalogue continues to grow and evolve with each viewing, presenting an innovative opportunity for visitors to become a part of the work itself. The work is online at An ODI Commission.


Generative ascii website


Data as Culture 2014
March 2014 – February 2015 at the Open Data Institute

Data Types

Identifiable, Metadata, Personal, Processed, Retrieved

About the Artist

Paolo Cirio engages with legal, economic and semiotic systems of the information society. His works investigates social fields impacted by the Internet, such as privacy, copyright, politics and economics. He shows his research and intervention-based works…
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