Pink Sheet Method

Thickear 2014

Thickear’s triptychal response to Data as Culture involves processes of data collection, exhibition, re-examination and degradation. Taking place over three locations, Pink Sheet Method investigates the gestural notions of exchange and trust invested in sharing information, as well as the validity and limitations of data analysis – or data fracking – over time. Event #1 White Sheet – FutureEverything, Manchester, 29/30 March 2014 Pink Sheet Method commences with a series of data gathering consultancies in which participants are issued with limited edition prints created through an audit of personal data sharing. Event #2 Pink Sheet – ODI, London, 11 April 2014 Carbonless paper copies of the original document are revealed through an office intervention at the Open Data Institute. Event #3 Blue Sheet – Lighthouse, Brighton, June/July 2014 During a final performance presentation at Lighthouse, thickear share newly acquired knowledge attained through Pink Sheet Method and expose the last remnants of the data. The archived work will then return to the ODI. An ODI Commission.


Multiple performance, triplicate forms, archival spike, paint


Data as Culture 2014
March 2014 – February 2015 at the Open Data Institute

Data Types

Anonymised, Identifiable, Metadata, Open, Personal, Shared, Static

About the Artist

Thickear (Geoff Howse, Jack James, Kevin Logan, Tadeo Sendon) are an artists’ collective exploring contemporary themes through a focus on context specific work. Originally working mainly with sound, their practise now features performance work, installation and…
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