Thinking Out Loud

July 2016 – March 2017

Exhibition at the Open Data Institute, London
Curated by Alex McLean and Hannah Redler-Hawes

Thinking Out Loud is the fifth Data as Culture art exhibition at the Open Data Institute. The exhibition is built around the practice of the 2016 ODI Sound Artist in Residence, Alex McLean, with a group of artists, designers, makers and musicians he has collaborated with.

The exhibition draws connections between the ways in which humans have captured, encoded and distributed data, and made it meaningful through pattern throughout history. From Pre-Columbian quipu and the ancient art of weaving to computer software environments, it introduces us to creative notions of code, and the ways in which it can carry both language and thought.

Openness and processes of making – where any end results are left partly undone – are at the heart of many of the projects on display. The exhibition features artists and makers who are driven by radical intentions to expose the inner workings of the systemic structures we live with. We are encouraged to engage with these ourselves through art, software, folk songs, glitch aesthetics, chance encounters and knitted jumpers.

Alex McLean’s residency is made possible through a partnership with Sound and Music through their Embedded artist residency programme, supported by Arts Council England and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. As part of his residency Alex will be creating a new sonic work for December 2016.

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